Zipcord Group

zipcord-group-logo-gradientThe Zipcord Group’s head office is located in Pretoria, South Africa. Zipcord is a leading solution provider of turnkey automation, covering most of the sectors in manufacturing, FMCG, process industries, infrastructure and building markets.

Zipcord Industries was established in late 2013 as a private (limited) company. The two owners at that stage merged their companies to form the company. The name Zipcord was inspired by the term used for the isolating jacket keeping two pair electrical conductors bonded, symbolizing the merge of the two entities. Over the last few years, Zipcord has been able to position itself as the preferred solution provider for a diverse product basket from best in class manufacturers in the automation and robotics environment.

Zipcord has successfully undertaken projects, not only supplying South Africa, but also export jobs for the international market. Zipcord intent to continue on its growth path and build a strong base of satisfied customers in different sectors.

Covering the whole spectrum of the system life cycle, we have extensive experience to provide a total turnkey solution to our customer’s needs. We will always keep the customer as our priority giving the best quality and excellence at all times.

Our Promise

Our promise is to always offer competitive prices on the best national and international services. We promise to provide a high standard of service while maintaining our integrity as a group serving South Africa. These are the trade mark qualities that we at Zipcord Group have stood by.

Our Values

Devoted to Understand

Our top priority is to understand your dynamic needs.

Quality Services

You will never feel a lack of quality when working with us.


We will be committed to your project no matter what.

Successful Design

No matter what you throw at us, we will finish it.