Zipcord Technologies

Zipcord Technologies is a revolutionary facility. Supplying full building and washbay automation systems, from grid-tied solar systems, HAVC, CCTV, Security and power control. We also specialize in ultra-thin Nano technology surface coatings on all glass, solar panels, ceramic or polished natural stone.

Zipcord TechnologiesZipcord Technologies, in partnership with our German counterparts, are one of the leading pioneers in the developmental and manufacturing of ultrathin silcone-based Nano coatings for the past 18 years.

We are an engineering company that would like to combine new technology and industrial cleaning solutions to help the problems faced in our solar panel and glass maintenance in South Africa, by introducing our ultrathin Nano technology surface treatment product to our South African market, because everyone is installing solar panels and constructs buildings made from glass, but no one knows how to keep them clean effectively and for longer.

The raw material of Nano Technology is silicone based and is found in almost all sand material. So once the product is applied to the surface, it is food safe.

We reduce the requirement for cleaning agents or other chemical processing products for the most diverse surfaces.

Our Nano surface treatment products can be utilized on many surfaces:

  • Non-stick effects on glass, ceramics, all metals, plastics, textiles & mineral surfaces
  • Barrier coatings for the protecting micro-porous materials
  • Graffiti-protection for porous and smooth surfaces
  • Anti-fingerprint effects on structured surfaces

An overview of our advantages of applying a Nano treatment coating:

  • No influence on visual appearance
  • Seals your solar panels & glass from 4-5 years surface treatment protection
  • Enormous abrasion-resistance, mechanical & chemical
  • Strong protection against contaminate particles
  • Easy application
  • High-pressure/steam-cleaning resistant
  • High temperature-resistance up to 450º
  • Absolute frost-resistance

Some characteristics of our Nano Seal product:

  • Water resistant
  • Allows removal of finger prints easily
  • Dirt & dust resistant – Enables your windows to stay cleaner for much longer
  • Chemical resistant to a PH of 13 – Won’t be easily removed
  • Highly mechanical abrasive resistant
  • Strengthens glass and resists micro-scratching
  • Heat resistant up to 450º & 250º constant temperature
  • Eco friendly and food safe

Zipcord Technologies also offers a complete range of products needed to equip an automated plant for your car, truck, bus & construction vehicle wash bay.

We propose a full turnkey automated truck wash plant that will be able to deliver, a 4 step to completion of washing 1 truck in approximately 5-8 minutes.



This pump will deliver water to 8 x 50 degree nozzles, on a stainless steel frame at the entrance of the washbay this will help remove any large amounts of dirt and loosen the remaining dirt before applying the chemical.


Undercarriage Wash:

  • Fitted with 4 high pressure truck cleaning spinners.
  • These rotary-heads, constructed out of stainless steel, are equipped with four nozzles, that makes it possible to clean all kinds of surfaces from a further distance with minimal pressure loss.

Foaming of Vehicle:

  • A high pressure unit to support deliver of water to air foaming systems.
  • The satellite with foaming nozzles on each side as well as on top of the washbay, allowing us to foam the truck completely.

Main Pressure Cleaner:

  • Eight high pressure truck cleaning spinners (3 per side & 2 on each top corner of the frame) will be fitted on a steel structure, that will be running alongside the truck, that will be linked to a main PLC control panel with operator interface screen.
  • Cable chain guidance system for enclosed protection of high pressure piping and electrical cables suspended from floor.

This system will allow the truck to remain stationary during the main washing process while the truck cleaning heads move down the length of the vehicle.

Zipcord Technologies products are also well known for various applications. Whether it is a car wash, truck wash, undercarriage or complete cleaning, we assist you with the matching products.

What we offer

We have a Multi-Discipline Engineering house, where we offer a full project management solution for your concept, from start to finish with everything engineering:

  • Process conceptualisation
  • Machine and part design
  • Part manufacturing
  • Control system programming
  • Machine installations
  • Service level agreements
  • COC

We have a wide range of services for a wide range of customers.
Here are some of our renowned services:

Turnkey Automation

Why worry about time consuming machine development and engineering design, when a turnkey solution is available from us?

Mechatronic Engineering

Engineering complete integrated solutions.


Let us make your idea a reality with our design and manufacturing facilities.


Control panels and MCC build for your equipment or plant.

PLC and Robotic Programming

Multi-platform with customized programming.

Project Management and Consulting

The life-cycle of your project will seem effortless with us.

3D Printing and Prototyping

 Bring your prototype to life.

Building Automation

Control your home or office space.

Green Energy

The way of the future at your disposal.

Let's get to it!
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