At Zipcord we use 3D printing to our benefit in rapid prototyping and part manufacturing

Zipcord focus on two types of prototyping:


Proof-of-Principle Prototype

This serves to verify some key functional aspects of the intended design, but usually does not have all the functionality of the final product.

Working Prototype

This represents all or nearly all of the functionality of the final product.

Giving our clients and engineers this facility has proven to save a lot of time and money in the long run insuring that parts that go to bulk manufacturing have been design and tested correctly.

3D Printing and prototyping techniques offer multiple benefits, such as:

  • Fast and effective communication of design ideas to various parties
  • Effective validation of design fit, form and function from a basic 3D model
  • Greater design flexibility, with the ability to change design quickly
  • Low cost prototyping

We offer a complete designed solution, where the client has an idea but not the resources. Where we will design this product and prototype it by means of 3D printing.

We also cater for normal 3D printing applications which have already been developed.