Zipcord engineers, designs, manufactures, tests, installs and commissions electrical systems in low to medium voltage applications

Most electrical control panel manufacturers focus on one of three basic market types. Each includes a set of typical applications and requires an investment to be understood. At Zipcord we can offer you all three these variants. Our electrical and control engineers can design and build your electrical panel or MCC.

All our designs are up to date with the newest technology, design knowledge and industry standards and regulations.

Why clients choose us

Zipcord understands control applications, control panel production, field installation and system commissioning requirements. Our engineers are skilled, respond faster, provide more service and understand your specific requirements.

Our Panel types include:

  1. Process Control– Applications where process instrumentation (level, pressure, temperature, pH, etc.) and process equipment (pumps, blowers, valves, etc.,) is used to control fluids (liquids, air, slurries, powders, etc.) in an industrial process.
  2. Machine Control– Applications where machine automation sensors (position, speed, pressure, temperature, etc.) and machine automation equipment (conveyors, actuators, etc.,) is used to control solids (sheets, blocks, boxes, tubes, etc.) in an industrial machine.
  3. Building Controls– Applications where building automation sensors (fire, security, temperature, etc.) and building automation equipment (fire, security, HVAC, etc.,) is used to control the operation of a building.