Our vision is to create self-sustaining business opportunities

Internationally, the growth of the green energy industry has been driven by a number of factors which includes: the support for renewable energy, support for cleaner and environmentally friendly energy sources in a bid to limit global warming; upliftment of the agricultural sector (through utilization of surplus agricultural land to produce products in excess of food needs); promotion of sustainable development, exertion of downward pressure on global crude oil prices and the need to improve energy security.

Our vision is to create self-sustaining business opportunities by empowering underdeveloped communities to make use of agricultural feed stock’s from current underutilized lands.

Using forms of green energy to sustain and generate income to build schools, homes, clinics, churches and setting up of SATA accredited training facilities to train upcoming artisans for the green energy sector.

The main focus being bio-diesel production and plant development. Other sections include:

  • Ethanol production
  • Bio-diesel blending
  • Solar generation

We also offer these service to the public and rectors, solar farms and ethanol production units can be purchased from us.

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